Thassos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, combining sea and mountains with pine forest and olive groves. The ideal combination of blue like its clear water and green like its forest. The excellent beaches (the most famous is golden beach)  with crystal clear water, the remote tiny bays, the picturesque villages and the busy night life make Thassos an ideal and popular resort. Thassos is the Northern island of the Aegean sea and is situated close the mainland. Its nearest point is 6 miles from the mouth of the Nestos, about 13 mile from Kavala and it thus faces the boundary between Macedonia and Thrace.

thassos map
Thassos map
Politically the island forms an eparchy of the Macedonian Nome of Kavala. Its area is 399 sq. km; almost circular in shape, it has a length from N to S of c 24km and a width of c 19km. Its highest point is Mt. Hypsarion (1142m), nearly in the centre. The mountain sides are covered with forests, pines, planes, and chestnut trees predominating; the timber has always been in demand for shipbuilding.
The population of ca. 18,000 is distributed between the capital Limenas and 11 other villages. In the coastal areas olives are cultivated. The road which encircles the island is sufficient. There is good water in the island. The marble quarries of Thasos have always been famous; the gold mines earned in antiquity for the island the epithet of 'golden'.

Access and transportation

  • Ferryboats connect the island with Kavala (1 hr) and with Keramoti (30 min). There is daily connection by ferry boat between Kavala - Thassos (17 miles). Kavala - Prinos (13 miles.) Keramoti - Thassos (6 miles.). information 00302593022106, the Kavala Port Authority, 0030 2510224967, 0030 2510223716 or the harbor office at Keramoti. 0030591051204.
  • The island has no airport, but is served by the International Airport of Kavala. From this Airport there are flights to and from Athens (50 min) daily. There also are flights and charters to and from important European cities, several times a week. The airport is 13 km from Keramoti, where the ferryboats assure the connection with the capital of the island (30 min).
  • Transport on the Island Daily buses via Panagia and Prinos serve all the coastal villages. The 100 kilometer long road network is in good condition. Cars and motor bikes are available for hire on the island.

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Useful telephone numbers, area code: 25930, country code 0030




Port Police


Municipality of Thassos


Health Center


Port Police in Kavala


Port Police in Keramoti


Trade Association  at +30 25930 22511


PRINOS and Skala Prinos
Dasilio Prinos
Small Kazaviti
Skala Sotiros (16 km South West from Thassos Town)
Skala Kallirachis
Skala Maries
Thassos Town or Limenas Nisteri, Papalimani, Glifada Pachis Beach Rachoni and Agios Georgios (Vouzi) Scala Rahoniou (12 km West from Thassos Town)
Paradise Beach Kinira Potamia (9 Km South from Thassos) Skala Potamia Panagia (7 Km South from Thassos) Skala Panagia - Golden Beach
Pefkari Potos (50 Km SW from Thassos town) Theologos Thimonia Astris